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Author: Grocery Shopping During a Pandemic 🚔 🧾💸

Before I tell you this story, to quote the comedian Mike Birbiglia: “Remember, you’re on my side.”

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Author: V-Day Weekend Culinary Happenings (Recipes) 🍽️

This weekend I’ve been up to some cooking creations for the saint (vegan, veggan and vegetarian). I wanted to share a few photos and some recipe instructions for a few of the things I made. I’m not a professional chef.  I  learned to cook by doing research (usually on Google and YouTube) and experimenting in the kitchen through trial and error. I season to my taste and use fresh or organic ingredients whenever possible. This is how I learned to cook. Enjoy.

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Rice Krispie Cone Christmas Trees — First of May (Blog Share) 🎄

I love Christmas and baking so of course, at this time of year I can’t stop making tempting festive treats. My favourite ones to make are super creative, easy to make and require very little ingredients. I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across a no-bake Rice Krispie cone Christmas tree recipe […]

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