Blogmas 2018, Mr. Reginald Swinebottom Presents...

Blogmas Day 14: “Beware: It’s a Terrible Q & A Session” (Humor | Indie Author)

“This is Reginald Swinebottom presents. Welcome to Day 14 of Blogmas 2018. Heaven help us today…”

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Blogmas 2018, Novel Snippets

Blogmas Day 12: “Memory Bound” Paragraph Preview (Indie Author)

Welcome to Day 12 of Blogmas 2018. We’re halfway through Blogmas! I’m reposting a sample paragraph or two of my novel here for you to read. Enjoy, my little Arcians. Ker-kaw!

Like what you read? Thirsty for more? Then scurry on over and consider picking up a copy for Christmas. You can choose between ebook and paperback. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s currently free. Parts of the novel take place at Christmas time so feel free to bring it to your family gathering. Prop it up against your glass of egg nog and dig in, my friend.

And have no fear when someone gives you a peculiar look at the dinner table. You’re reading literature, after all.

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Book Publication Announcement: “Memory Bound” (Horror)

Exciting news! Memory Bound is now officially available in e-book and in print! It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription to that service.

This is my first, real book publication. I hope you enjoy a good horror read filled with layers of provoking thoughts, what if’s and dark corners. Oh, and of course, a dog. If you follow along with my writing, you’ll see dogs are a reoccurring theme.

If you like the cover art, please check out the below links to look into getting your own cover art done. The artist I worked with was Donna Dean. Her and her fellow artists created the following websites to display their work. Please be sure to check them out.

My primary editor was Ms. Starr Waddell of Quiethouse Editing. She was fantastic to work with, I highly recommend her. Please check her out as well.

More updates and blogs soon to come! Thank you everyone.